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Table 1 Classes of the descriptive database

From: Model driven architecture engineered land administration in conformance with international standards – illustrated with the Hellenic Cadastre

Class Description
PROP Information about real property objects, namely, cadastral parcels, horizontal and vertical properties, complex vertical and other elements and registrable rights, mines, Special Real Property Objects (Anogeia, Katogeia, Yposkafa, Syrmata, Arcades etc) and other special properties (roads, rivers etc)
ADRS Information about the properties’ addresses
PROP_ADRS Information connecting properties to addresses
BLD Information about buildings
PROP_BLD Information connecting buildings to properties
VERTREL Vertical associations of Special Real Property Objects
FOREST Claimed areas from Forest Agency
BEN Information about all natural and legal entities (beneficiaries) that have any kind of right on a property
RIGHT Information about recorded rights
DOC Information about documents collected at Cadastral Offices
DOC_BEN_RIGHT Information about beneficiaries, documents and rights
DOC_ISSUER Information of issuing authorities of deeds and all related documents