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Table 1 Intrinsic innovation characteristics that influence an individual’s decision

From: How is an informal transport infrastructure system formed? Towards a spatially explicit conceptual model

Characteristic of innovation Definition
Relative Advantage Level of superiority of an innovation over the previous generation [27].
Compatibility Level of compatibility that an innovation has to be assimilated into the life of an individual [77].
Complexity or Simplicity The perceived ease of use of the innovation. If the innovation is perceived as complicated or difficult to use, an individual will not likely adopt it [78].
Trialability The ease of testing an innovation. If a user is able to try using an innovation, the individual will be more likely to adopt it [26, 79].
Observability The degree to which an innovation is visible to others. An innovation that is more visible for individuals will drive communication between the peers of the individual and personal networks and will, in turn, make more positive or negative reactions [77].