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Table 1 User Stories From Pilot Watersheds

From: Pilot implementation of the US EPA interoperable watershed network

Hackensack-Passaic River Watershed
A. Drinking Water/Source Water Protection Early Warning
“As a water manager, I want to view trends in selected parameters so that I can predict and remediate a water quality issue before it occurs.”
B. Water Quality Assessment (for Clean Water Act Integrated Reporting)
“As a water quality manager, I want to download continuous monitoring parameter data so that I can compare it to numeric criteria and evaluate if the water is meeting state standards.”
Little Miami River Watershed
A. Water Safety (Drinking Water and Recreation) optimization: Maximizing output while minimizing cost with a Harmful Algal Bloom focus
“As a water manager, I need to detect water quality issues, such as a harmful algal bloom, so that I can alert the public.”
B. TMDL Implementation
“As a water quality manager, I need to be able to download parameter data for use in running TMDL models. “