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Table 1 Overview of the resources of the RESTful API

From: Wheelmap: the wheelchair accessibility crowdsourcing platform

API Docs The documentation pages itself
Resources GET the base API URI - information about sub-resources.
Assets GET the assets collection.
Categories GET the categories collection.
Locales GET a collection of all available locales.
Nodes GET the nodes collection.
 - Filter nodes by a search term.
 - Filter nodes by a bounding box,
 - Filter nodes by a wheelchair status
POST Create a new node.
PUT Update an existing node.
   Update the wheelchair status of an existing node.
NodesTypes GET the node type collection.
This resource can also be nested within a category.
To just return the node types associated with the given category.
Users POST Authenticate a given user with email & password and return the user’s API key.
POST Declare that an authenticated user has wilfully accepted‘s terms of usage and privacy policy.
Photos GET a collection of photos of a user or a node.
POST Upload a new Photo for the given node.