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Table 1 ISO 19115-1:2014 - Table F.1: Metadata for the discovery of geographic datasets and series [13]

From: A metadata ADE for CityGML

Metadata element Obligation Comment
Metadata reference information Optional Unique identifier for the metadata.
Resource title Mandatory Title by which the resource is known.
Resource reference data Optional A date which is used to help identify the resource.
Resource identifier Optional Unique identifier for the resource.
Resource point of contact Optional Name of the person, position, or organisation responsible for the resource.
Geographic location Conditionala Geographic description of coordinates (latitude/longitude) which describes the location of the resource.
Resource language Conditional The language and character set used in the resource.
Resource topic category Conditional A selection of the 20 elements in the MD_TopicCategory enumeration which describe the topic of the resource.
Spatial resolution Optional The nominal scale and/or/spatial resolution of the resource.
Resource type Conditional A resource code identifying the type of resource.
Resource abstract Mandatory A brief description of the content of the resource.
Extent information for the dataset (additional) Optional The temporal or vertical extent of the resource.
Resource lineage Optional A description of the source(s) and production process(es) used in producing the resource.
Resource on-line Link Optional Link (URL) in the metadata for the resource.
Keywords Optional Words or phrases describing the resource to be indexed and searched.
Constraints on resource access and use Optional Restrictions on the access and use of the resources.
Metadata date stamp Mandatory Reference date(s) for the metadata, especially creation.
Metadata point of contact Mandatory The party responsible for the metadata.
  1. aConditional means that certain elements become mandatory based on the values of other elements