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Table 2 Our inclusion of ISO 19115 metadata elements for data discovery

From: A metadata ADE for CityGML

Metadata element Inclusion Comment
Metadata reference information Included -
Resource title Included -
Resource reference data Included -
Resource identifier Included -
Resource point of contact Included -
Geographic location Modified Coordinate representation is supported in the Extent element and therefore geographic location was restricted to a string representation.
Resource language Included -
Resource topic category Included -
Spatial resolution Excluded This category is supported for rasters in the Relief module but is not applicable at the city model level
Resource type Included -
Resource abstract Included -
Extent information for the dataset (additional) Modified This was renamed to Extent and follows the Extent package in ISO 19115. Modifications include removing Vertical Extent as a separate category and instead making Geographic Extent explicitly 3D. Geographic Extent is given a mandatory obligation and Temporal Extent is optional.
Resource lineage Included -
Resource on-line Link Included -
Keywords Included -
Constraints on resource access and use Included -
Metadata date stamp Included -
Metadata point of contact Included -