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Table 4 Description of codelists proposed for the 3D Metadata ADE

From: A metadata ADE for CityGML

Codelist Description
MDtopicCategory ISO 19115 codelist of themes (such as environment, atmosphere, climatology) for classification of datasets.
MDroleCode ISO 19115 codelist of the functions performed by the person responsible for the dataset.
MDlegalConstraints ISO 19115 codelist of restrictions and legal prerequisites for accessing and using the dataset or metadata.
MDsecurityConstraints ISO 19115 codelist of the restrictions imposed on the data or metadata for national security or similar security concerns.
MDspatialRepType ISO 19115 codelist of the methods (such as raster or vector) used to represent the geoinformation present in the dataset.
Enumeration Description
ThematicModelCode Enumeration of different thematic models present in CityGML such as Building, Vegetation, etc.
TerrainTypeCode Enumeration of different terrain types present in CityGML such as TINRlief, RasterRelief, etc.
LODcode Enumeration of the CityGML LoDs (0-4). We also included the LoDs proposed by Biljecki et al. [3]
stateCode Enumeration with values to identify if a feature is present or absent.