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Table 5 Description of tables present in the database for the discovery of 3D city models as related to the 3D Metadata ADE

From: A metadata ADE for CityGML

Table Description Unique city model identifier
Master Table Containing the unique city model identifier, the unique metadata identifier, the file names of both the city model and metadata, and the presence or absence of textures and materials Primary key
ISO Categories All of the categories as listed in ISO 19115-1:2014 - Table F.1 Primary key
Thematic Models Presence or absence of each thematic model and the count of those features Primary key
Thematic Model LoDs The count by subClass and LoD for city features within a thematic model Foreign key
Lineage The source and process steps that track the lineage of a 3D city model Foreign key
ADEs Containing all of the categories associated with the ADEidentifier _MetadataHelperClass for every ADE present Foreign key
Terrain Containing counts by terrain representation types Foreign key