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Table 3 Classification of types of software on the market for generating indoor maps

From: Qualitative study of the incompatibility of indoor map file formats with location software applications

Categories of indoor map creation softwareSoftware method (how building dimensions are determined)Examples of softwareOutput format for indoor map data
2D scanningOversize scanner creates high resolution PDFShoreline records managementPDF or image file
Floor plan drawingSoftware includes many drawing and scaling tools that can be used to create a digital copy of a blueprintSketchUp, Floorplanner Pro, SoftPlan, Visio, AutoCADSketchUp outputs in CAD, KMZ/KML, Image files, COLLADA, 3DS, or PDF
General chart drawingSoftware of this type includes few drawing tools that can be used to create a digital copy of a blueprintLucidChart, ConceptDraw, GliffyLucidChart outputs map files in PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG (image or 2D vector formats)
Auto-drawUser carries mobile device and walks around building interior, holding the device near walls to measure the distance.Locometric, MagicPlanLocometric outputs image files for no charge, but users can pay to get output in other formats. MagicPlan outputs maps in JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, DFX or XML
3D laser scanning3D laser scanners measure the amount of time it takes for the laser beam to hit a surface and returnInnerSpace, Trimble Indoor Mapping, or GeoSLAM, CARMEN3D point cloud (requires software to convert image to a map)
Software as a servicePaper or raster file of a floor plan is sent to company to convert to a digital vector formatIndrz, Micello, Cartogram, NavVisDifferent format depending upon vendor. Micello: GeoJSON, SHP, PNG, SVG; Navvis: Pointcloud