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Table 4 Our classification of types of commercially-available software that require indoor map data

From: Qualitative study of the incompatibility of indoor map file formats with location software applications

Categories of software that require indoor map as inputSoftware method or purposeExamples of softwareInput format required for indoor map data
Emergency responseNavigation and asset management (finding people and things)Preplan View, Firehouse, eFirstView, Blazemark, CadZone’s The Fire Zone, Squad TrackerFor Preplan View, use tools that come with the application to draw your own map
Indoor navigationLocalization and navigationIndoorAtlas, Neon Personnel Tracker, Infsoft, Accuware, Spreo, BriteYellow, MazeMap, MapWIZEIndoorAtlas does not use an input image, it creates a map based on an algrothimNeon Personnel can import a floor plan, but can also create its own map.InfSoft, Accuware, Spreao, BriteYellow, MazeMap, and MapWIZE use floor plans in JPG, PNG or PDF
Building managementCreation of data stream regarding indoor environment, such as temperature or air pressureSiemens, WRLDSiemens can use BIM data
Localization, data management and analyticsLocation or tracking of assets, and analytics on preferences of customers as taken by tracking customer foot patterns.Jibestream, Navvis,, Inner Space, MapsIndoors, Aisle411For example, Jibstream converts static maps of really any format into layered maps. Navvis and maps it for you. Inner Space uses a sensor to make the map.