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Table 1 A comparison of CityGML, IFC and LandInfra

From: The LandInfra standard and its role in solving the BIM-GIS quagmire

# Criterion CityGML LandInfra IFC
1 Body OGC OGC buildingSMART
2 Version 2.0.0 1.0.0 IFC4 Addendum 2
3 Users 3D city modellers Survey engineers & BIM BIM & AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction)
4 Encoding GML GML Mainly STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data)
5 Focus City objects Land and infrastructure BIM models
6 Geometry Subset of ISO 19107 / GML 3.1.1 ISO 19107 + more ISO 10303
7 Topology Shared surfaces only Between facility parts Openings, coverings and other connections
8 Semantics Detailed Not so detailed Detailed
9 Metadata Basic ISO 19115 compliant Extensively but inconsistently used
10 LODs 5 different LODs Not supported Not supported
11 Extensions Generics or ADEs Not supported Supported
12 Appearance Supported Not supported Supported
13 Software support Low Almost nonexistent Medium
14 Codelists Supported with ISO 19103 Supported with ISO 19103 Enumerations only
15 Land use Simple types Complex LADM types [26] Not relevant
16 File size Large [35] Large Very large