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Table 1 List of sea-level indicators and their descriptive limits (modified from [15]) as used in IMCalc

From: The indicative meaning calculator – quantification of paleo sea-level relationships by using global wave and tide datasets

Indicator Upper limita Lower limita
Beach Deposit (Beachrock) Ob db
Beach-Ridge SWSH Ob
Coral Reef Terrace MLLW db
Lagoonal Deposit MLLW ld
Marine Terrace SWSH db
Shore Platform MHHW (db + MLLW)/2
Tidal Notch MHHW MLLW
  1. adb Breaking depth, ld Lagoonal depth, MLLW Mean Lower Low Water, MHHW Mean Higher High Water, Ob Ordinary berm, SWSH Storm wave swash height