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Table 2 List of some OSM tags (keys and values) used in the conversion to LULC classes

From: Automatic conversion of OSM data into LULC maps: comparing FOSS4G based approaches towards an enhanced performance

Key Key values
amenity (area) animal_shelter, arts_centre, bank, bar, brothel, cafe, car_rental, car_wash, casino, cinema, clinic, college, community_centre, courthouse, crematorium, crypt, dentist, dive_centre, driving_school, embassy, fast_food, ferry_terminal, fire_station, food_court, fuel, grave_yard, gym, hospital, internet_cafe
amenity (point) bar, hospital, pub, restaurant, school, university
building (area) apartments, cathedral, chapel, church, civic, commercial, garage, hangar, hospital, hotel, house, industrial, kiosk, mosque, office, public, residential, retail, school, shrine, stadium, synagogue, temple, train_station, transportation, warehouse, yes
building (point) hotel, office, commercial,hospital, industrial, retail, warehouse, cathedral, chapel, church, mosque, temple, synagogue, school, stadium, train_station, transportation, public, shrine, civic, hangar, kiosk
highway (line) living_street, motorway, motorway_link, pedestrian, primary, primary_link, residential, road, secondary, secondary_link, service, tertiary, tertiary_link, trunk, trunk_link, unclassified
landuse (area) allotments, beer-garden, brownfield, cemetery, commercial, construction, depot, farm, farmland, farmyard, flowers, forest, grass, greenfield, greenhouse-horticulture, industrial, landfill, meadow, military, orchard, plants, pond, quarry, railway, recreation_ground, recreational_area, recreational, reservoir, residential, retail, scrub, village_green, vineyard
leisure (area) adult_gaming_centre, amusement_arcade, beach_resort, dance, dog_park, garden, golf_course, hackerspace, ice_rink, marina, miniature_golf, nature_reserve, park, pitch, playground, sports_centre, stadium, summer_camp, swimming_area, swimming_pool, track, track, water_park
natural (area) bay, bare_rock, beach, fell, forest, glacier, grassland, heath, mud, park, sand, scree, scrub, shingle, water, wetland, wood, riverbank
railway (line) rail
waterway (line) dock, river, riverbank, stream