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Open source geospatial tools and technologies for urban and environmental studies

Open geospatial data and tools are an increasingly important paradigm that offers the opportunity to promote the democratization of geographical information, the transparency of governments and institutions, as well as social, economic and environmental opportunities. During the past decade, developments in the area of open geospatial data and open source geospatial software have greatly increased. The Open Source GIS research community believes that combining free and open software, open data, as well as open standards, leads to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for accelerating new discoveries to help solve global cross-disciplinary societal challenges, from climate change mitigation to sustainable cities.

We invite original research contributions on all aspects of open source geospatial software and its applications, and particularly encourage submissions focusing on the following themes for this Special Issue.

●    The use of open source geospatial data, software and standards in scientific research
●    Architectures and frameworks for open source software and data
●    Quality of open data
●    Volunteered Geographic Information and Public Participatory GIS 
●    Human computer interfaces and usability in and around open GI systems
●    Big data
●    Open source GIS service/software implementations
●    Teaching geospatial sciences with open source solutions and open data
●    Applied applications in different use cases, e.g. government, health, climate change, energy, water, urban studies, location based services, etc.

Guest Editors: 
Francesco Pirotti, University of Padova, Italy (
Giorgio Agugiaro, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria (
Amin Mobasheri, Heidelberg University, Germany (

Deadline for submission of full papers: November, 15th, 2017
Special Issue publication date: articles will get published as soon as they are accepted.

Please note that Journal of Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards has a special type of article called “Software”, where you can publish a short article about services/software that have been developed within your project/institute. For more information about “software” articles please access Journal’s online menu “submission-guidelines” and “Preparing your manuscript”.

Submission Instructions: Authors interested in submitting a paper to this issue should carefully read the Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards submission guidelines and submit their full paper to the journal's submission system. Submissions of articles are open from now until November 15th, 2017. The first round review process will take approximately three weeks and the articles will be published online as open access, three weeks after they have received the final acceptance. The publication process of each article will start as soon as it receives the final acceptance. During the submission of the manuscript, please upload a cover letter indicating that you are interested to publish your work in this special issue. Furthermore, in case you have any questions, feel free to contact the Guest Editors. Please note that Springer applies Article Processing Charges for publishing articles. In case authors need funding support, please read the information provided here.

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